About Our Tours

Get Hooked Brooklyn aims to provide a unique walking tour experience that will leave you hooked on history, walking, and of course, Brooklyn. Our tours are meant for locals looking to learn something new about their neighborhood as well as out-of-towners seeking a memorable city experience. Our content is carefully chosen to highlight the most interesting secrets of Brooklyn’s streets. We aim to ignite your curiosity while bringing forgotten stories to life. What better place to begin this enterprise than the best borough of them all? That’s right folks, we’re talking about Staten Island. KIDDING! It’s got to be Brooklyn!


Founder Bio

Aly Carlotti is a certified NYC tour guide who grew up in Brooklyn. A few years ago, Aly became interested in NYC history. A public school teacher by day, Aly found time in her off-hours to attend countless walking tours across Manhattan and Brooklyn, reading any book she could find about the city. Researching the past helped replace her intermittent disdain for the honking cars, cold winters, and subway rats with a swelling sense of pride and appreciation. She hopes to share this feeling with others and encourages all to advocate for the preservation of historical landmarks.