Alright, what is so special about Brooklyn?

Here are a few facts to get you hooked on Brooklyn’s illustrious past:

Where was the American hot dog invented?

Right here in Coney Island, Brooklyn by German-American Charles Feltman circa 1867 (see where he cooked his buns on my Park Slope tour).

Where other foods originated in Brooklyn?

Egg Creams, Dots candy, Bazooka gum, fried Twinkies (can someone bring these back?) and chains like Nathan’s and Haagen-Dazs all have their roots in Brooklyn.

Where was the largest battle (and one of the most deadly) of the American Revolution?

The Battle of Brooklyn aka the Battle of Long Island took place in neighborhoods today known as Greenwood Heights, Park Slope, Gowanus and Sunset Park in August of 1776. We will make a stop at a critical juncture of this battle on my Park Slope tour.

What famous writers have lived in Brooklyn?

Writers love Brooklyn. To name just a few: Arthur Miller, Truman Capote, Thomas Wolfe, WH Auden, Richard Wright and perhaps the most popular Brooklyn-boy, poet Walt Whitman, have all lived in Brooklyn.

What other famous residents have called Brooklyn home?

Other famous residents include W.E.B. DuBois, Henry Ward Beecher, Lena Horne, Jane Jacobs, Mae West and if she had the chance, Marilyn Monroe intended to retire in Brooklyn.

More current residents of Brooklyn at one time or another include: Jay Z, Notorious BIG, Woody Allen, Spike Lee, Mary Tyler Moore, Barbara Streisand, Jerry Seinfeld, Matt Damon, John Turturo, Steve Buscemi and believe me, the list goes on…

What famous Italian restaurant attracted the likes of Frank Sinatra, Hedy Lamarr and Sammy Davis Jr., not to mention the Gallo brothers and other mobsters?

That would be Monte’s Venetian Room in Gowanus (a stop on my Park Slope/Gowanus tour).

Where was the “Grand Depot” of the Underground Railroad?

At Plymouth Church, which is one of the few known stops on the Underground Railroad in Brooklyn (and also a stop on my Brooklyn Heights Tour).

What famous movies have been filmed in Brooklyn?

Tons, but here are some of the classics: Moonstruck, Saturday Night Live, Do the Right Thing, Heaven Help Us, The Warriors, and Goodfellas.